Time for the Peugeot 603 then. Except that sadly there wasn’t one.

Time for the Bristol 603 instead.

Never heard of Bristol? You’re not alone. They were an offshoot of the Bristol aircraft company and were led for most of their existence by the somewhat eccentric Tony Crook who had an unusual attitude to marketing, in that he might deign to sell you a car from his prestigious showroom in London if he liked the cut of your jib. The Bristol was a car for a gentleman of considerable means with the desire to own a dignified but quick car made specifically for him and if the would-be buyer did not meet this specification he could take his custom elsewhere. Production lasted from 1976 to 2011 under several names and with undisclosed but low numbers. Production ultimately ceased because somebody stole the tooling used to make the bodies.


The 603 used large Chrysler V8s and three speed automatics to which were attached rather staid two door bodies with lots of walnut inside, copious instrumentation and more than their fair share of oddities. Take for example the vents fitted down by your feet. The most interesting was the spare wheel location.

It lived in the LH wheelarch. For the sake of symmetry a matching compartment on the other side provided a home for the battery.