We’ve had the Peugeots 104, 204, 304 and 504 so by way of something not different at all we need to meet the 604.

Sadly the 604 arrived just in time to meet the early 1970s oil crisis and never enjoyed much success, so little so that Peugeot didn’t build a replacement until four years after production ceased and that didn’t sell either. Also sadly, building a full range including coupé, convertible and estate wasn’t an option so they were all the standard four door. Except for the few that weren’t.


Heuliez, once a famous coachbuilder, did a limo. Indeed they did several. Style wasn’t a strong point but long was.

They were stretched, as so:


Chapron, also famous once, did two Landaulettes, one for the President of Niger and one for the late Freddy Heineken. Yes, one of those Heinekens.

Here’s the one from Niger.


The 604 was quite posh inside, even extending to changing its own gears if you paid enough.


It also made its way across the Atlantic and so here we spot funny headlights and extra lights at the corners.


The 604's claim to fame was that it was the first car sold in Europe with a turbo diesel engine (and just 80 bhp).

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