Alright Oppo, sorry for the teaser with no follow up 2 weeks ago, here is that thing I did:

2008 JK Unlimited with a 6.1L Hemi under the hood because 6.1L Hemi. 2nd owner. 16,000 miles (poor thing never got driven)

It was an AEV conversion, and as such came with all the other upgrades in those packages. Looks like the owner also had some stuff done as well. Haven't had a chance to poke and prod everything but so far it's definitely got a beefed up transmission and drivetrain, dana 44's, 4" lift, skid plates, 35x12.50x20s all around + matching spare, vented hood, full exhaust, warn 9.5ti winch, IPF front lights, MyGig navigation/satellite radio, upgraded sound system, power everything.

It still needs lockers, a cb, some other basic trail stuff. Fenders in the future. Otherwise no major mechanical or cosmetic surgery that I foresee. I'm not in love with the wheels, but they should be pretty easy to unload to get some smaller rim/more rubber.

Yes it sounds bad ass. Yes it hauls. No I do not have a video yet :-( Power estimate is around 425hp but who knows without a dyno. 0-60 time I'm estimating close to 5 seconds based on not racing other people.... Right on the verge of breaking traction but still hooks up.


I sold my 2011 5.0 mustang and I am in the process of replacing the water pump on my 99 TJ, then getting her pretty so I can sell her too. I figured this was the best of both those worlds, and with a company car I can DD on the weekends too, I figure I might as well go balls to the proverbial wall on this. Less insurance, more garage space. There are a shit load of hot mustangs, especially in Las Vegas, but I have never seen a Hemi jeep. People constantly asking about the hemi and if they can see it, it's pretty fun.

So yes. I am broke-ish. But 6.1L Hemi Wrangler.