6.4 Earthquake

It felt like I was on a boat. Girlfriend and I were just sitting at home about to watch the new season of Stranger Things and then the whole world felt like it started moving. I was legitimately wondering if it kept going, would I get motion sickness and the engineer in me really wondered if the building was built to code. I’m still relatively new to California so earthquakes are still a pretty foreign thing to me. About a month ago was the first one that I actually observed. That one was at work and it sounded and felt like the building was hit by an airplane (not entirely unlikely considering where I work). This one was entirely different. Not just a quick shock where some things vibrate and you shake a bit, but instead literally like a boat sitting in the ocean bobbing about in a nice rolling motion. It was unnerving but immediately obvious what was happening. Nothing fell off the bookshelf and power didn’t go out so all is well. Thankfully, it was about 2 hours north of here (equidistant to Vegas) so I could only imagine how much worse it could have been.

Still waiting to hear about damage out in the desert as this one was equivalent to the Northridge quake in ‘94 that everyone here is intimately familiar with. Just luck that it was not in an urban area this time. I’ve got plenty of coworkers out in the Ridgecrest area where it took place so I hope they’re alright.


In other news, I actually stopped to take pictures of my Subaru for once. Took a nice canyon run on the way home the other day and thought I’d share some photos. Unrelated on a happier note than this wild “my house is a rollercoaster” day.


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