‘50s -

What’s more ‘50s then a Tri-5 Chevy? It’s ok I’ll wait

‘60s -

You knew this was coming, the Mustang was probably the most recognizable car of the ‘60s, and is through and through a staple of the decade

‘70s -


Volkswagen Type-II... whiles it’s not a ‘70s design, it’s popularity stems from the ‘70s so it deserves it’s decade (after some thought I think a gremlin or Pacer would fit in this spot better I am not perfect)

‘80s -


This is another one you should have expected, what is more ‘80s then the iconic Delorean? The ‘80s and the DMC are a match made in heaven

‘90s -


Now this is a toss up, mostly because every iconic Japanese car stems from this decade, I believe that the decade is best described by a Civic Dx, I might be wrong, you know the R33 was a ‘90s car....

‘00 -


This one was too easy, the suv boom and the luxury suv boom all stem to the gas guzzle Escalade of the early ‘00s

Anything I missed? What’s your decade in cars? Just don’t put a PT Cruiser on your list... seriously... dont