This one turned out way better than expected. (Pflanzgarten)

In the first weekend of September, a friend and I decided to make the drive down to the Nürburgring (roughly 250 km), in order to watch the ROWE 6 Stunde ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen, better known as round 7 of the VLN championship.

I should have posted this long ago, but the start of the academic year caused me to spend time on studying, instead of editing photos. In the caption of the photos you’ll find the name of the corner, as added information) Link to the Flickr album:

For those unfamiliar with the VLN championship: The VLN championship is a multi-class racing league for endurance racing running on the full Nürburgring, combining the GP strecke with the Nordschleife. The large entry field (a healthy 113 cars) consists of cars from all over the spectrum, ranging from a simple Peugeot 306 run by a family team, to full on GT3 cars from teams like Black Falcon. In this case, the race lasted 6 hours, which meant each car was ran by multiple drivers, which is not mandatory in the shorter 3 hour races.

Two striped Twingos in their natural habitat, one is faster though....

We arrived just in time, but missed the first pass of the first group of cars through Hocheichen, since finding a parking spot near the track entrance appeared to be hard, which is to expect for an event with free access to the whole Nordschleife, the GP strecke had a €15 entry fee, but we didn’t even have time to go there, since we wanted to explore as much of the Nördschleife as we could.


M235i’s everywhere... I guess this and the M2 have sort of taken the M3s place. (Hocheichen)
Kremer 997, it is really as awesome as the idea sounds (Hocheichen)

After spending some time in several corners between Hatzebach and Hocheichen, we walked back to the car, in order to drive towards Adenauer Forst. However upon arriving in the parking area, we found out is was full, and since I knew it would still be quite a long up hill walk in the burning sun, we decided to go to Breidscheid instead (my friend is quite the Dutchguy, including the pale skin, so he’d probably have burned his skin even more had we walked the to Adenauer Forst). Having parked at the Aldi, got some fries at an imbiss, and climbed the stairs to the Breidscheid viewing area.


The only Ferrari running the event, the livery is stunning though! (Breidscheid)
Fluorescent yellow 911. (Breidscheid)
BMW Z4 GT3 (Breidscheid)


Breidscheid was really awesome, but there was almost no shade, so the sun started to burn our necks quite hard. Which is why we decided to leave Breidscheid, and drive to a viewing spot at Bergwerk, which I had found online. After walking for what felt like half an hour, I figured we must have taken a wrong turn, but then we met some Germans, who were also looking for a viewing spot. Together we came to the conclusion that this spot did not exist anymore, unless you have good binoculars that is:

Race Astra! See, we were that far off the track. (Kesselchen)

Having walked back to the car, we decided to drive to Brünnchen. However, since we ended up parking closer to Pflanzgarten than to Brünnchen, we decided to check out Pflanzgarten first, after which we walked along the track to Brünchen.


I like how the fence and the sun light work together on this one. Also, the only American Muscle present on track. (Pflanzgarten)
See what I was talking about with the M235i’s. (Eiskurve-Pflanzgarten)
Quite a lot of Vantages around too, which my friend is absolutely crazy for. (Eiskurve-Pflanzgarten)


We ended up in a nice quiet spot hidden in a small forest, where we were able to take some nice photo’s of cars doing high speed passes. Brünnchen ended up being a bit harder, since there we had to shoot through a high fence (we only discovered the photography cut out once the racing had finished...), but it was a nice way to end the day. We had no idea who won though, until we checked it when we were back in the Netherlands and had our 4G coverage back.

I don’t know why, but I just love the ROWE M6. (Brünnchen).
Looks a bit like a Kinder Egg, don’t you think? (Brünnchen)


More of the Kremer 997. (Brünnchen)

All in all I really enjoyed the race, and I’m sure I’ll return someday (maybe even for the 24 hour version). The roads around the Nürburgring are also great to drive, though it was quite a challenge for me to keep up with traffic, since on some parts there is no (clear) speedlimit. This meant most people drove around 100 km/h, only slowing down in the corners, but the Twingo misses some torque to be able to keep up.

See ya Nordschleife! (Brünnchen)


Next to the enjoying the racing, I also think I honed my photography skills quite a bit (it was actually only the second I shot moving vehicles). Of course remarks/comments about the pictures and the way they have been edited are welcome.

I hope you enjoyed the read and the pictures, as much as I enjoyed the racing, and taking the pictures!

All pictures where taken with a Canon 700D with a 18-55 lens and a UV-filter. For the rest of the pictures (some edited in photoshop and others straight from the camera) you can click the link below: