6 Hours For A Photo

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Photo: Me, The Author and Photographer

Took one of my new favorite photos today on the 6 and a half hour drive from FL to GA. This is a typical stop along my route home since I have family there.


Found this long, empty, gravel road after Google Maps told me I was headed straight for traffic on 75 Northbound. I popped of the highway and Google rerouted itself onto this barren backroad. The car kicked up a ton of dust, but it was a hoot (though I inflated my tires so it was also incredibly bumpy).

Had a great day with my family, ate a real meal for the first time in weeks (no more pantry dust for me) and am setting off on a 10 hour drive first thing in the morning from GA to MD. A quick stop, but a much needed and always awesome visit.


Take care folks!

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