I’ve spent the better part of three weeks fighting with an insurance company over a sub $1000 collision claim. This is, for all intents and purposes, a paltry sum to an insurance carrier, given the average claim checks in somewhere around $2600. The terrible thing is, they’ve cut all their own staff estimators (who used to write terrible estimates I had to fix, but they were easy to work with), and are now expecting the shop to write an estimate, take photographs, document the claim, and email all of it to them so they can give it all to someone who knows fuck-all about collision repair to butcher the estimate.

To set the stage: 2003 Corolla LE, gets rear-ended by another small sedan (referred to as vehicle B from here forward) that was hard on the brakes trying to avoid the collision. Front end of vehicle B tucks under the Corolla’s rear bumper reinforcement, splitting the bumper cover, and pushing in the lower rear body panel/rear floor pan. Nothing major, no frame rail movement, just an impact to soft, non-reinforced sheetmetal where it’s not really designed to be hit. Light frame pull on the pinchweld, some hammer and dolly work, and some paint, in addition to a bumper cover. Pretty cut and dry, easy claim. Not for these assholes. Company calls me back to let me know they rewrote my $1100 estimate down to $150. They completely removed all repairs to rear body and floor from the estimate (said they didn’t have images to support writing the repairs, but they did), found a vendor who lists aftermarket parts (but doesn’t stock or sell any, they just list them to generate phone calls and attempt to capture sales that way) with a $100 bumper cover, and didn’t even write for me to paint the bumper. I questioned whether they’d confirmed availability of the bumper (said they had, and obviously hadn’t, as it’s not available and there’s no one with the name they provided as a point of contact employed there), and how it is that they couldn’t see the damage to the rear body.

Maybe I should’ve added the arrow and annotation for the insurance carrier, too...

They finally relented, and acknowledged that yes, the rear body and floor are in fact damaged, and added those repairs to the estimate, as well as adjusting the price of the bumper on the estimate to one that’s actually available for purchase (after four days of daily phone calls that nearly pushed me to request a conversation with a supervisor).

Then this afternoon the IRS decides to inform me that my most recent employee withholding filing has the wrong address or name listed, but it doesn’t. It’s the same name and address that we’ve been filing under for years, so I get to call the IRS between the hours of 3:30pm and 1am EDT to resolve the issue. By my (admittedly poor) best calculations, that seems to be standard working hours if you’re in the middle of the Pacific.


Now, for the bright part:

I’d commented on a deer on the side of the road that was being somewhat comically memorialized while the county takes their sweet time to collect it’s carcass. I didn’t drop off flowers yesterday on the way home, as it was pretty stormy, and I think the winds plucked the “Get Well Soon” balloon off of his leg, but the “Thinking of You” balloon is still carrying the torch.


3 days later, she’s pretty ripe at this point, we weren’t stopping to get better images...

TLDR: Fuck insurance companies, fuck the IRS, LOL dead deer with a balloon. I needed to vent.