6 month vinyl wrap test summary

6 months ago I put a number of samples on my trunk to test and pick a colour for vinyl wrapping the whole car. So, how did that turn out?

Brands are 3m (left three), and Vivvid Vinyl (remainder).

After 6 months three of them had slid down about 1mm, leaving behind a goo. Likely not an issue if you are wrapping an entire panel.


The faux carbon fibre vinyl (4th from the left) was heavier than all the others, to allow for a 3d texture, and thus had thicker adhesive. It came off well, but needs more effort to clean off.

The red chrome (2nd from right), and the white pearl 5th from right, and blue brushed steel (far right) all flaked and tore as I took them off. I think the vinyl was essentially 2 layers to give the various effects, and thus was weaker and separated weirdly. The red chrome was easily the worst, and will require some hassle to clean off completely.


Based on my tests, would I wrap a car? yes, yes I would. But I’d go for some of the more generic styles that removed easier. And I would again do a several month test before picking.


additional note: the oppo vinyl on the window came off easily. the loveland ski sticker crumbled, but as it was on glass could be razored. The eclipse glasses were complete fail. And I will not be removing the subtle oppo logo on the hood, enjoy that new owner.


So... now they are off, and tonight they will be cleaned, you should totes buy my car

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