6 Months In

I bought Fiona, my 328 Xdrive E90 on January 26th. Which means it’s been over 6 months now. So it’s time for a bit of a review.

I like this car A LOT. It’s comfortable, powerful(enough). The AWD means can be fun, but always feels safe. I’m sure you’re wondering, “but how much have you spent in maintaining the thing?” Well about 25 bucks?


I’ve put nearly 10,000 miles with the car sitting at about 111,00 right now. The front break rotors and pads had to replaced but that was done during the 1000/1month warrenty the dealership gave me. A week or so into my ownership I had to top off the coolant, but I haven’t had to again. That bottle of coolant is the only maintenance cost I’ve had so far.

I’ll probably do an oil change befor winter and that’s going to cost about 80 bucks. 7 quarts of special full synthetic and a 20 dollar fliter.

I know the car will cost money money eventually but so far this has been the lowest maintenance cost er mike Car I’ve ever owned.

Some Pros and Cons

Pro: comfortable, heated seats, and dual climate control make long trips with my wife much easier, as she’s comfortable when I’m sweating my arse off. Decent power, AWD, good looks,


Cons: poor fuel economy typically 25 average and that’s 91 of coarse. Because it’s manual the auto locking doors don’t Auto Unlock. It’s essentially a base model so no cool projector lights, and the seats are fully manual. That one is good and bad. 

The nagging feeling that one day it will cost a lot to maintain lol.

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