My girlfriend owns a no–fucks–given gold 2001 Ford Focus that was modded by whatever the Bulgarian equivalent of a ricer is. It's got a 1" drop, short–throw shifter, cold air intake, semi–fartcan, a trunk CD changer full of ridiculous Bulgarian mix CDs and slightly rusty rocker panels. I've decided that I will definitely be doing an Oppo review of this glorious machine when I return to the United States.

A little background: no longer able to split her XJ Cherokee with her twin sister after they went to different colleges, she wanted to buy her own car. Not wanting to spend any more than was absolutely necessary to get something reliable, she was completely prepared to get some sort of ultimate beige mobile. After a couple of trips with me to some car dealerships that were, unbeknownst to us beforehand, in a suuuuper sketchy area, we had almost given up.

Fortunately, my dad happened to know a former colleague who was selling an older Focus that his younger brother had used when he temporarily lived in the States.

Enter: the Bulgarian Buggy

It was priced a hair above $2k, and aside from the inevitable spirited driving that accompanied these mods, was in solid condition for a car that price. Besides three new sets of tires (long story) and a bent wheel, I don't think she's had to replace anything on it since she's owned it, and I've had more fun driving that car than almost any other. Look forward to the write–up in June.