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6 more photos from the GAP last year

Right when I left from home. Hard to believe I had as much shit packed in there as I did.


for the record: my duffle bag and backpack held ALL of the following:

-Tire plug kit
-air pump
-spare oil
-spare oil filter
-spare clutch lever
-spare front master cylinder w/ brake lever (long story…but there were 2 -SV’s on this trip, and the other was still stock, so this would have worked for that bike)
-spare gear lever
-spare fuses
-fuse puller
-electrical tape
-wire cutters/crimpers
-Zip ties
-tool kit from the bike
-allen keys
-2 go-pros
-6 SD card
-3 cases
-2 phones
-an ipod
-charging cables for all
-2 pairs of headphones
-spare gloves
-clothes for 8 days
-spare riding pants
-spare visor

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