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6 speed E60 M5 Review

The last of the naturally aspirated M5's. And you could only get the manual in the US. 1,366 were made so it is kind of a rare bird with only 15% of US cars being the manual. If we take the total production number it is only 6.6%. This one had a 122,000 miles on it and the clutch was still the stock clutch. It wasn’t 100%, but it didn’t dampen the experience one bit. To have that power in your own hands? The SMG was fine really, but this is truly the one you want. Oh, and it had the active bolsters... Very awesome option indeed.

I had already reviewed the SMG version of the car and that was a boat load of fun because of the engine note alone. The manual is truly the one to get though, even though you won’t be getting out of 3rd gear when doing a pull on the streets. The gearing and the 8250 redline makes it so you are doing... more than enough to land you a day in county if you run into a cop who doesn’t appreciate the V10 noises you are bestowing upon the world.


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