The RUF RT35, in fact, RUF cars in general, seem to be overlooked. But the truth is, RUF tune and modify their cars like no other. They have the job of making sure the Porsche they start off with doesn't end up looking like some ridiculously colossal inter-galactic out of space hideous excuse for a car. Hardest of all, however, is making a Porsche go and handle better. Porsche engineers aren't thick, they make sure they squeeze the best out of each car so amateur small-time tuners can only make it worse. RUF are not ameteur and certainly not small-time as they've been sprucing-up Porsche's since forever (91 years precisely).

To be clear on the subject, RUF aren't even a tuning company, they change so much of the car, it deserves a badge from RUF decommissioning the badge the 'RUF' once used to wear. So, what's their latest creation then? It's the RT35 which is based on the 991 Carrera but modified heavily to go quicker than a Turbo S! The RT35 produces a massive 630HP, which means it can achieve 0-60mph in just 3 seconds-flat. I think on perfect conditions, it could easily put a Turbo S to shame. However, it does come with a price tag, quite a big one: £200,000. The Turbo S's base price is about £140,000.

So, is the extra £60,000 worth it for a RUF RT35 instead of a Porsche 911 Turbo S? The video certainly suggests so!

Via Road Magazine