Is this bug free gremlin, worth more than a nice gremlin free bug?

The asking price of this early seventies butterscotch gold AMC pretty much relies on the fact that it’s only gremlins are the badges. Also, that butterscotch, which i think is classic and noted as original... is perfect compliment to my breakfasssscotch eyes and if you haven’t had your coffee yet today, this mellow gold is only light roast and wont hurt too much.

The motor and driveline speak to a bygone era of performance cars where littlest car+biggest engine was the only way to go and the seller makes sure that it is not to be mistaken for a diminutive 304 or 360, no, this motor breaks into the 400 club with one cubic inch to spare (he says), and when have the big one in your hands, autopilot would never do.


Seller notes a trinity of manual 3speed, manual steering and manual brakes. Heavy fisting it is basically required. The only delay to your manual+manual+manual satisfaction being a Line Lock, the automotive equivalent of tantric six (or eight) cylinders. Seller notes that when asked, it will come very quickly down the road.


Beyond the driveline everything else is exceptional. In some cases even super, like the battery and tachometer which are labeled explicitly so. Super as well is the mileage, which is noted as only 63,000 total with about 10,000 in this configuration.

Not so super but not unexpected are the quarter and dime sized rust on rear wheelwells. As we all know, 35 cents wont even make a phone call.


But what’s your call? Is ten large too much for a well endowed demon elf you have to keep your hands on at all times, or is that a rear end only Kanye could love?