In about a week, I am being sent to Alabama for a couple weeks for work and I have to option to drive or fly. Of course, my route taking me over and through the Appalachians, I chose to drive. I will be taking my ‘87 Porsche 944S on the trip and while this won’t be the old P-car’s first long trip, it will be its longest. And hottest. And most I’m-actually-in-trouble-if-I-break-down-and-don’t-make-it-to-my-destination-in-time-est.

My car, despite its age and Teutonic heritage, has been quite reliable for me. But I am growing more concerned as the departure date grows more near. I’ve been prepping it steadily over the last few weeks, slowed by a back injury, but I am nearly at the point where I can call it “ready as she’ll ever be.” I need to change the oil, give her an alignment, and a good wash and wax for luck, then I’m set.

If all goes well, it’ll be a great road trip in a car I love through some of the best driving roads in the American east.

If not, I get stranded in the middle of nowhere, get yelled at by my boss, and spend a bunch of money to extract a broken German sportscar from Hickville, Ohio/Kentucky/Tennessee/Alabama.

The stakes are high, so, Oppo, regale me with stories of your most successful trips in vintage vehicles to soothe my nerves.


My sweet, sweet German baby. I hope she’s ready! Did I mention she has over 200,000 miles on her?