I’m told I haven’t posted much on my progress on restoring Blucifer, my 1968 Camaro. Which is true! Here’s an update:

Blucifer as of a month ago. Currently, the front fenders, valences & windshield are now removed.

I’ve made slow progress in the tear down phase this summer, but have gotten some challenging things accomplished recently:

Removed the Heater Core -

This was difficult because every time I thought I had it unbolted, there was another bolt hidden away somewhere. Many of these “bolts” were these chintzy, stamped, metal things that I’ve never seen before. Wonder if they were a 60's GM cost saving measure or added by a previous owner. Had to remove the passenger fender just to find & remove the last one. And THEN had to cut the 2 hoses going in and out of it since they were heat-glued to the metal ports.

Removed the Steering Wheel -

...last weekend. Just in time for my Sister to tell me she wants Blucifer outta her garage. Well, keeping my project car at her place was semi-convenient while it lasted. Sure saved me a ton in storage fees...


Removed the Windshield -

Jesus was this one ever a Royal Pain. I swear, the previous owner must have used diamond-encrusted urethane to seal it to the car. I used the cracked and chipped windshield as a test case for using window cut-out wire to remove glass. While it came out in one piece, there were stress fractures.


I still have to remove the rear glass & its in great condition, so now I don’t how I should remove it while keeping it pristine. Maybe I suck it up & call Safelite? They did a nice job on my Truck recently.


-Find a new storage location.

-Somehow get it on a trailer (now that its undriveable) & tow it to new storage location.


-Drain & remove gas tank.

-Drain & remove Radiator.

-Disconnect shifter from transmission.

-Disconnect/Remove transmission? I’m not sure how connected it is to the cabin. If what my Camaro Mentor says is right, I might not have to fully remove it.


-Disconnect exhaust pipes? Not sure on this one. They might only be attached to the frame.

-Disconnect brake master cylinder from firewall & hope I don’t have to drain it. Probably should just redo the whole brake system while I’m disassembling. I mean, I WAS thinking about upgrading to disc brakes. Sigh.


-“You gonna upgrade the engine?” asks everyone. “I mean, you’re already tearing it apart, so...” Double Sigh.

-Get it acid dipped to remove all 49 years of paint, rust & shitty repairs. The big question is whether I should go straight to e-coat at the dipping place OR have it dipped, then do body work, then e-coat. I worry that it’ll start rusting before I get body work completed.


-Find a good & reliable body guy/place in Metro Detroit.

-Find a good & reliable paint guy in Metro Detroit. I know a guy in West Michigan & know of an amazing guy in Kentucky, but ugh the hassle & cost of transportation of either.


At least I don’t have to get all of this done in less than 24 hours before Richard Rawlings & this week’s Celebrity have an aneurysm.

Photoshop and I can always dream of the day when this project is complete: