It’s only just still 7/6 here but never mind.

Today we have the Škoda 706 RTO bus, made from 1958 to 1972 in what was then Czechoslovakia.

According to Wikipedia:

“Engine is placed in front next to driver, and rear axle is propulsed by long driveshaft. On the right side are two doors and inside are used leatherette seats.”

You know what (s)he means. If the leatherette seats didn’t start off used they certainly ended up that way.

This particular one is in a museum in Brno.

Škoda was nationalised after WW2 because communism and was split into car and engineering divisions. VW now own the car company, the engineering company amongst other activities made the hub of the London Eye and also made the bus. They’re based in Plzen which is better known as Pilsen and gives its name to Pilsener beers. They still make buses and a lot else besides.


Š is a sh sound so Shkoda.