(7*1)/7=7, apparently. UPDATE

Illustration for article titled (7*1)/7=7, apparently. UPDATE

I’ve seen this thing reposted a shocking number of times. Jesus Christ, people.

UPDATE: After talking it over with one of the participants and some wild theory-making with a friend, it sounds like it’s probably a pyramid scheme obfuscated by a lottery system.Basically, each round, everyone throws their name into a hat including the names of previous gifters. Then, the gifters for that round pull names from the hat (which includes the names of no-longer participating gifters) to pick who they gift to. This means that early adopters have much higher chances of receiving a gift because they’re up for the raffle more frequently than the later participants, but it makes it much much harder to notice what’s going on or accuse any of the hosts of later rounds (who I don’t suspect are actively trying to be malicious anyways, just not very good at math) of wrongdoing.


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