Here’s a B8 Passat, just like you can buy at your friendly VW dealer (unless you live west of the Atlantic of course).

Pic by Thomas Doerfer who I’m supposed to credit.

As we can see it looks just like the previous one except for the somewhat slitty and excessively browed front end and LED rear lights (no, you can’t see them but trust me, they’re there).

No marks for originality here then but as I already see rather more of these than of the latest Ford Mondeo which arrived at the same time I expect VW know their buyers.


That doesn’t mean that VW have done nothing new though. You see, if you get an automatic Passat you get a new 7 speed DSG. As you’d expect this has seven sets of gears.

If however you wait a bit the more powerful models will get a 10 speed DSG. This also has seven sets of gears. Now, there’s a bit of originality.