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I spent most of the day yesterday trying to install coilovers on my Miata. Since the coilovers I already had were installed in the old Miata, this first involved removing them from the old car. I would then have to remove the suspension from the new car, put in the coilovers on the new car, and put the stock suspension in the old car so that I could still roll it around. Unfortunately my “simple task” of changing the bump stops and cleaning the shock bodies ended up taking like 3+ hours on its own. I got them looking good as new though, with much work using a wire wheel on a drill to get out all of the caked on dirt/grime and rust. The new bump stops are much shorter as well so we shall see how those feel once the job is done.


For now, I just have the front of the new car fully assembled and the old car is sitting in jack stands with no suspension connected. I ran out of time in the shop so I had to leave the other car overnight. I’ll be back today to get the rear coils on the new car, set my height properly (the main reason for thoroughly cleaning the shocks), and then throw the other car back together. Ideally that should take less time since it’s just bolting stuff together.

I did meet another Miata owner at the shop though. He had quite the interesting engine build in there!


He’s building it as a really cool autox car but is working out some expected kinks. Looking forward to seeing and hearing it more!

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