7 PSI of Greatness

I took a friend for a drive today in the Exocet. We did a run up to Point Reyes and Bodega Bay. Honestly, we only got maybe 1-2 total minutes out of 6 hours of driving where there wasn’t some bonehead in an SUV not using the turnouts. We should station flag people at the turnouts on highway 1 to flag in anyone with a line of cars behind them. It’s the start of tourist season so I’m not actually expecting better, but that doesn’t keep me from bitching about it. If someone in your family is visiting California, please school them on turnouts.

In that 1-2 minutes however, I did notice that the 7 PSI I took out of the tires last night did wonders for handling. 32 PSI under 1500lbs was bone shattering. 25 PSI - so much better. Ride is better, car sticks better in corners. I’ll hold here for now since it’s a street car. Some of the Exocet folks run 17 PSI in autocross but that’s a little aggressive for the street in my opinion.

In related news, if you’re in Point Reyes Station, check out Cowgirl Creamery. They have an SF location in the Ferry Building as well. Good stuff all around. Their Mac N Cheese was the jam. 


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