I found a 1970 Fiat 500L for sale locally. Craigslist listed for $12.5k, ebay no bids no reserve relisted and priced dropped starting at $9,200 so there is room for negotiation.

I do not have experience with these, but I do understand them to be fairly easy to work on and finding parts is pretty doable.


Current known pros from a short convo with the owner and pics:

-stock as can be
-good amount of recent work and it’s ready for regular driving
-no visible rust, owner says no rust/rust repair at all - big pro if true
-newer tires, apparently finding oem tire size is a PITA
-500L means it has some options, like a gas gauge


-stock as can be means the basic 500cc 22hp engine nonsyncro gear and drum brakes all around - standard to upgrade to the engine/box from the 126 with 50 some odd hp and w/ syncros. Also pretty common to have a disc brake upgrade.
-1970 isn’t the most desirable of years due to the square dash which is more a future resell issue than it is for me
-Top end is good, but no service details on the bottom end and it’s last rebuild
-seller is pushy, borderline aggressive which is a massive turn off
-engine and frunk pics show some wiring that comes off as questionable


With that said, what say you, oppo? Would this be a worth while project/toy to have? I know there are a lot of alternatives for this kind of money, but how do they compare in character and soul?