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'71 GMC Vandura: Progress Report

1. Removed and replaced broken head bolt.
2. Blasted and repainted the valve cover.
3. Reinstalled valve cover with spreaders.
4. Got the engine to start reliably.
5. Reconnected the shift linkage.
6. Cleaned out and organized the interior and the parts pile.
7. Located the parts to the contraption that GMC designed for an air cleaner assembly.

Custom Tool. We only had a lightweight wire welder, so we heated up the metal with acetylene first (my suggestion, trick learned from watching Roadkill) and then wire welded it. Then I cleaned it up on the grinder.
Slightly Dorky: The profile was wrong, so I redrilled and did some filing.
They’re upside down, but even so, they have a suitable profile, so VOILA!
There’s the end of one of the spreaders, and the had bolt that I drilled and replaced.
Everything came out and I sorted the parts into milk crates.
I had my laptop set up so that I could watch an important broadcast while I was tinkering.
I’m happy to report that my van has the paper filter and not oil bath...
Provided for comparison purposes...
The day I picked Rusty up. The hand on the radiator is the old guy who sold it to me.

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