When I first quit my job back in 2009 I wanted to take some of my friends racing that didnt have a license so we bought a 750il and caged it and ran the 24hr race at nelson ledges back in 2009.


A lot of the people dropped out so Sam Smith and I towed it to the track and met up with John Ackerman for a total team of three. We decided to blow off the race and simply go out at night. back in 2009 they were crushing cars at every race and we were sure our 750il would be a strong crushing candidate.

We also painted the car white on one side and black on the other to confuse people and hopefully avoid trouble.


By 4 am we were so tired we played "break it/ crash it" and took 5 lap stints till the thing wouldn't run anymore and then went to bed. Turns out I won and slid off the track behind another car that just unloaded a ton of fluid on the track. I destroyed the Neon that left the track right ahead of me and landed on top of the pit wall behind him. Fire and rescue dragged me off the tire wall(wow was that a cool ride) and I was able to drive back to the pits so technically it could have still raced but I didnt like the damage to the main hoop and we called a day.

My favorite weird part of the build was fixing the driveshaft center support bearing. There wasn't time to pull the whole exhaust down, fix it and replace everything so we cut the trans tunnel open and packed the broken rubber part of the bearing with RTV and covered the whole we cut. And it worked! there was a vibration but the whole car was a pike of crap so we barely noticed.


Oh yeah I was talking on my cell phone thru earpuds in the helmet giving my friend turn by turn commentary when it all happened. See our team kept getting pit in speed violations so everytime I got in it was 20-30 min in the penalty box. I started bringing my phone in my fire suit for calls and music. Well when it was time to go out, my friend Chris Simon convinced me to stay on the phone will racing. There is in car video of that somewhere I believe. Good times at these lemons races...BUILD RACE PARTY!

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