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$75,000 Garage - What would you buy?

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Rules are simple.

You have $_____ to buy any car(s) and part(s) currently on Craigslist, Autotrader (Classics, too) eBay, or other site. (Don't forget manufacturer sites)
You may build onto your real cars.
You have any tool you could possibly need even a dyno, engine dyno, lift, etc.
Typos do not count.
Reserve price and Buy It Now price count.
The amount of cars is unlimited.
Buying accessories, mods, restoration fees, parts, and such count. Remember if you buy a car that doesn't work your garage will include a non-working car!
Buying extra sets of tires (winter, summer, gravel, etc) is allowed.
Make sure to include shipping on parts and transport fees on cars you can't get yourself. (So price to tow, price to get taxi and then drive car, etc.)
Screenshots are preferred as they'll last longer.

Have fun!

So. What would you put in a garage if you had $75,000?

As far as I know this is the first time someone's started this game on Oppo and I'm gonna make this into a (nearly) daily thing. Other's can host this (of course), but please follow this format and use the same tags. Thanks!


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