Meet the Mazda 792P. I just learned of it today, apparently after FIA banned the 787B from competition in Group C, rotaries were still allowed in IMSA's GTP class.

Mazda then took their insane R26B wankel and put it in a freshly developed carbon-fiber tubed car. Only 2 were built - and unfortunately did not have a very good racing record.

Chassis 1 was ready for its first race, the Miami GP. The exhaust lit the bodywork on fire before the green flag even waived. At Sebring, the exhaust noise was measured in excess of 102dB and was immediately disqualified from the race.

Chassis 2 was completed in time for the 3rd race of the series, Atlanta. Both cars competed, with once crashing out and the other finishing 15th. Mechanical issues plagued the car, but the team did manage a 2nd place finish at Watkins and a 3rd/4th at Limerock.

Unfortunately, as the team was preparing for the '93 season Mazda pulled the plug on developing rotaries for racing and the team was cancelled.


But still... listen to that goddamn gloriously crazy engine!