was traveling out of town with my daughter today. as is my usual routine, i scouted Google Maps for new antique stores to visit. was not disappointed. found these in the first place i stopped.

i read a bunch of books by Henry Gregor Felsen when i was in middle school. LOVED them. the three that come to mind are Hot Rod, Street Rod, and Crash Club. now, they were first published in the ‘50s, and i wasn’t born till 1969, so i was already behind the curve, but they helped mold me into the drooling Jalop that i am today, so i guess it’s all good. not familiar yet with the other book, but i’ve seen the author’s name (Ross R. Olney) in other discussions of this genre, so i’m thinking i’m going to like it.

then i snapped this pic in another little place. check out this badass toy from the early ‘60s:


it’s a Deluxe Reading Playmobile Dashboard. as i understand it, this was the parent company of Topper Toys, which made the original Johnny Lightning diecast cars to compete with Mattel’s Hot Wheels in the late ‘60s. here’s a little better info and better pics than my admittedly crappy cell phone shot: