A couple weeks ago this video went "almost viral" with a little over 80,000 views after it was posted with lots of excitement here on Jalopnik and Kotaku but without much information about it.

Some arcade and video gaming fans loved it, but most car people didn't understand what was going on, many thought it was an anti theft system, others thought that the coin was used to start the car but then complained because the video clearly shows the hand turning the key, many called it useless, others called it "fake and gay", but some people asked for an explanation, and here it is pretty much in the shape of a 15 second Instagram teaser video.

Did you see it?? There's a Player 1 button next to the coin slot door and yes it works! You have to flip up a couple switches to power up the ECU and all the ignition system and then push the start button to turn the crank, just like most race cars but using arcade machine gear.

Also if you noticed the coin slots read 25đ instead o 25 cents... Oh yeah, that's because the 8-Bit Miata only recognizes DogeCoin as currency. Maybe trying to land a sponsorship deal like Josh Wise's NASCAR Ford Fusion???


The retro music video release date is still unknown since it is still being filmed, but so far it is looking promising. And if you enjoy retro style electronic music check out Protector 101 who allowed the guys to use his track Vision for their video.