8-Fiddy Bang-Shift!

As I’ve documented, the Volvo needs some work. Well last night I just wanted to drive it, and Mrs. Snuze hasn’t ridden in it yet, so we decided to take it on a quick jaunt up the street to get pizza & beer and come back and watch a movie. Typical suburban date night.

The Volvo has a “Service” light that lights up every time I start it but goes away after a minute or two of driving. Last night was no different, and after leaving the beer store I start the car and the service light is back on. As Im backing out of my parking spot I hear a loud “BANG!” and all I could think was “Oh shit, the timing belt snapped!” I stop and compose myself and look down and to my surprise the car is still running. I proceed to slowly back out and start driving across the shopping center and all seems fine, but now both the “Service” and CEL are lit.


We go to the pizza place, which has curbside pickup, and as we are waiting, I notice the “Service” light is out and the CEL is still lit. Thankfully I ordered a Bluetooth OBDII dongle and it will be here Tuesday, along with new struts/shocks and a new timing belt. We get our pizza and start driving home, the Volvo running no better or worse than before. Well halfway through the drive I glance at the instruments and the CEL is out, but the “Service” light is lit! Wtf? I pull into my street and park the car in front of my house and before I shut it off I look down and now both lights are lit again!!!

Make up your mind, Volvo!!!!

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