I’m waiting at the inspection station for a 8-Fiddy to get reinspected. Here are my current surroundings:

I strategically parked my butt next to the coffee bar. Their coffee is actually pretty good here. Theres also a 7-Eleven nextdoor so I got myself a breakfast sandwich.


The 850 failed inspection on 3 counts: tag light, exhaust hanger, exhaust leak. I replaced both tag light bulbs, which was easy enough. The hanger and leak were related: theres a hanger near the exhaust tip, behind the bumper, that had rusted through. The next hanger is on the muffler itself, and its not well balanaced. So when the rear hanger broke the imbalance caused the connection between the cat and muffler to wiggle loose, resulting in the leak. I addressed the hanger first, which I did with some ghetto welding - its not my best work but it’ll do. Then I wrapped the slip connection with high temp foil tape and reinstalled the clamp that held the connection together. Of my repairs this is the sketchiest one and may still not pass.

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