So it looks like we are selling a few things, most of all our '03 Turbo S Beetle 6sp with low miles. And we will be in Sweden/Germany this summer for a few weeks. What do we pack up and bring back with us? Requirements, 4WD/AWD, standard trans, hatchback/wagon/SUV, and not sold in the States (production date before summer of 89) so it doesn't depreciate. Golf Country or syncro, E30 325ix wagon, Land Cruiser LJ70 turbo diesel, Alfa 33 AWD (that is a bad idea I know). Any other cars that I should be looking into in this niche? Oddball little 4x4 trucks or cars? My girlfriend wants a unique 4x4 and we looked into a Ramcharger, Wagoneer, FJ60, Bronco and she wants something different and not so big. She has to drive one day a week so it will be garaged/maintained well, and with the rest of the fleet if it is down for parts for a while no big deal.