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80% of you are lame. Here's the science.

The choices in Doug’s top 20 list show a key problem with Democracy: low information voters. This list represents the Trump supporters of the car world. Lacking creativity, style, and substance. In the parlance of Alex Roy: Cowards.

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Most of the choices are pretty uninspired; they are new or recent models or one-trick ponies (appealing to one segment or have one intended use) or too similar to cars he has already had. The way I have it scored, there are about four solid choices, give or take. In order:

  1. Lancia Delta Integrale
  2. Original Mini
  3. Lotus Esprit
  4. Citroen DS

And the DS is on the bubble. An old Viper could be fun, but I think Doug would hate it and never drive it (like the Hummer). An old Rolls could be fun, maybe do an Uber story or a prom limo story, but I’d be scared for Doug’s wallet.


The point is that Doug should stop messing around and buy an Integrale. Since it will come in well under budget and Doug loves to travel, make another story about the import process. Travel to Europe; find Delta in a given country; drive around Europe’s great roads, locales, and sights, deal with hilarious language barriers and endless forms; ship to America; street park in Philly. Each of those is at least 3 articles.


The one choice I was reminded of that I forgot to suggest was the Pinzgauer (or similar Volvo). I’m glad that somebody suggested it, because it would be great, especially in contrast to the Hummer.

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