[no longer] 80% Sure I'm going to get laid off today [updated]

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[UPDATED] Ok apparently I am a pessimist (well... yes.). Allegedly the director of engineering has said that engineering isn’t taking any cuts this round. Furthermore my boss’s boss just asked me to book travel for three weeks from now. Weird.


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I’m ready. I’ve never been fired or laid off so this seems like as good of time as any. Our company is going through a merger and apparently part of that is randomly cutting people every quarter to make out headcount and balance sheets look better. Yesterday we bumped off at least six at this facility, all high level, long tenure people. No engineers... yet.


Why do I think I’m going to get laid off? Well I’m the only EE at a company of MEs who neither understand nor care about electrical stuff. They wanted an EE so they could start adding monitoring and controls to their products, and while I’ve produced no less than three products in my two years here, none of have made it past marketing’s indifference. So yeah, I am a super easy cut if they decide they’re done with electronics.

Additionally, the authorization for major expenditure I put in three weeks ago has been languishing at my boss’s boss’s boss for that long. Usually they only take a week.


Pair that with my boss being kinda pissed off when he left yesterday and him and his boss are both nowhere to be found today.

I am OK with this. The job market is strong, I have a lot of shit to do at home, and I have about a year of living expenses saved up if it comes down to that. (Earmarked for other stuff, but nothing that can’t wait.)


Ordinatiry I’d be hunting for jobs pretty hard at this point, but against all odds I actually kinda like this job and would like to see my current project through to commercialization. It is probably the only product I’ve produced that I believe in 100% and if I leave the company, one way or the other, I know it will die.

All well. At least it is Friday. I’ve got a brisket in the sous vide that I’m going to finish on the smoker tomorrow, along with a pork butt and some ribs. Also drove the Alfa.... but mostly because it was blocking in the Volvo.


Mondays Fridays...

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