In 1986, by then beating heavily factory funded Jaguar's and Porsches with the Whitting Brothers and without any sponsorship of their own, and becoming Indy's rookie of the year placing tenth, Randy Lanier fled a Marijuana conviction. Caught in Antigua, Randy won a life without parole conviction for distributing over 300 tonnes of marijuana, mostly into Illinois. Convictions then were much more serious due to Reagan's war on drugs, unlike now, so I imagine his term was reduced accordingly as more serious offenders were getting less time. His website is new and has a surprising amount of detail. Aparently, he learned oil painting.

Not bad! Anyway, he is free. He reportedly has a job waiting for him at a Florida classic-car museum. I hope he does well in his new life with the next chance and challenge he's been given. and I wonder how the racing community will receive him.