So often, I stumble upon horrendously-written eBay listings. This one is definitely one of the more creative and accurate descriptions I've come across. Oppo question: what do y'all think about the Lagonda? I'm still on the fence.

1983 was a banner year:

"Trading Places," "Ghostbusters," & "Octopussy" hit the screen and Bjorn Borg hit his final professional tennis ball. The Dow broke 1,200, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” rose to #1 and SkyLab fell into the Indian Ocean. A Soviet fighter jet shot down a Korean jetliner 
and Hulk Hogan pinned the Iron Sheik. Reagan introduced “Star Wars” and 100 million watched “The Day After". The “A-Team” premiered and “M*A*S*H” ended.

This Lagonda chassis #13278 was created.

If you’re reading this listing then you’re already a fan.

You know that it is the embodiment of unconventional.

Drives like it was made last week. Looks like it was conceived next year.

Requiring about 2,200 man-hours to build entirely by hand (only for order), a mere 645 of these William Towns-designed, opulent, origami-style Lagondas were ever produced, and prevailing wisdom indicates that closer to half that number remain. You’re guaranteed to be the only one on your block with one. These cars are appointed with NASA-regal interiors including front and rear located climate controls, city and country horns, moon roof and rear window retractable blinds, burled walnut door panels and a solid state digital instrumentation dashboard.


If you value both elegance and uniqueness there is simply no bigger bang-for-buck on the road. Valets always park it in front where it gets more attention than more expensive, yet more commonplace Lamborghini's and Ferraris. On more than one occasion a valet has actually refused responsibility and requested that I park it myself. Awkward but cool when you think that they carry enough liability for a Bugatti. At this point it's been posed with more on Facebook profiles than the sunrise. If you want more attention - buy a unicorn.

This car fires right up and drives and performs amazingly. I have put on about 4k miles since I purchased this car in June of 2006 from a Texas oil exec (cliche but true).

Potentially a show car but I bought it to drive and admire.