Let’s have a Peugeot 906!

Malheuresement, we cannot into a Peugeot 906.

So, let’s have en bil från Sverige instead.

Ha en Saab 96.

The 96 began commercial life with a three cylinder two stroke driving the front wheels. So far so good, but Saab had a tendency to strangeness which was to be their downfall and so they decided to put the radiator behind the engine towards the bulkhead. The engine still had its crankshaft pulley in the usual place and so they had to install a shaft, spinning in a tube along the top of the engine, to drive the rear mounted fan. Note the good accessibility by modern standards.


After they decided that the two stroke was no longer a thing they auditioned several possible replacements for the role including the Lancia narrow V4 because compact but eventually settled on the Ford Germany V4 (there was also a Ford UK one) because also compact. That didn’t have a rear fan and not even Saab were weird enough to install one or keep the fan at one end and the rad at the other with ducting to transfer the air to and fro so the radiator had to make a journey forward.