Have we a Peugeot for today? Could we have a Porsche instead?


Have the Peugeot 908. There were two models, the first of which, the intriguingly named 908 HDi FAP, was unveiled in 2005 and raced until 2011. It won Le Mans in 2009, finishing first, second and sixth. Power was by a 5.5 litre 730 bhp twin turbo diesel V12, a thing not normally found in a racing car but which benefited from the rules.


The next model, necessitated by a change in rules for Le Mans, was a plain 908 and had a 3.7 V8 diesel. It didn’t win Le Mans but otherwise had a good record in 2011 with five wins out of seven. Peugeot’s plans to race a hybrid model in 2012 were scrapped due to money, or specifically the lack of same.


The two models shared one part, the windscreen wiper.