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No, not the Nissan 910 Bluebird yet.

Meet the late Ernesto Guevara, Che to his friends and admirers.

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The Argentinian-born terrorist/murderer/freedom fighter/revolutionary (take your pick) was executed/murdered in Bolivia (take a further pick) fifty years ago today.

This famous image is based on a photograph by Alberto Korda. We see it here being used to promote a festival in the otherwise obscure town of Kilkee, on the west coast of Ireland. Why Kilkee? Because Jim Fitzpatrick, creator of the image, met Che there in 1961. Or not, depending on who you believe.


A mural of the image was painted on the sea wall in Kilkee and painted over by the local council in 2013, allegedly because some American tourists found it offensive. Local opinion was that the Americans should get over themselves and the mural reappeared.

Recently a commemorative stamp has been announced, to further controversy. In particular a Cuban-American, Ninoska Perez, with a radio show in Miami has complained that many of her listeners were incensed:

“And to me it’s really shameful that Ireland would put the image of someone who was a foreigner, went to Cuba to kill… was a failure in everything he did. So I don’t know what’s there to honour about Che Guevara.”

It is unexplained what Ms Perez and her listeners propose to do about this.

Illustration for article titled 9/10!

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