Saab time!

No, not this

Not this either

These were tarted up Vectras (and other GM models as locally preferred).

Den här bilen.

Note the lhd despite being made in Sweden ten or so years before they decided (or the government decided: the people rejected it overwhelmingly in a referendum) to drive on the right


Hats were being worn in the car at the time.

It had a two stroke engine copied shamelessly from a DKW design.

Not, sadly, two of them joined together


But just the one. Three cylinders and 750cc of two stroke goodness giving 33 bhp. Note the rear mounted radiator, also copied from DKW. Three gears too, but you could get a Saxomat automatic clutch if three pedals was too much for you.


Unlikely though it may seem, the 93 won several rallies in the 1950s.

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