If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


No matter where you are, it’s 9/9.

Including Sweden, så ha en 99 (I’m going to Stockholm next week, so better get with the lingo). Note the intriguing lineup behind it - Mk1 Cortina, Toyota Cressida and an S60.


The 99 was in production a long time, so it later became like this with rubbery bumpers, headlight wipers, less chrome, fancy alloys and a turbo. Saab were big into turbos.


The 99 had a peculiarity. No matter where you bought it, you got RHD wipers. This was good.


In power news, the Turbo was launched with 145 bhp from a 2.0 engine, quite a thing at the time. Thirty years later the 9-3 TTiD had 175 bhp from a 1.9 diesel.

In more power news, the Turbo was introduced in preference to a V8 using the engine from the Triumph Stag of which Saab made 48.

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