900HP 997 Turbo Crashes During a Drag Race

This happened during an organized drag race event in Korea. The owner, Geun Chang Jang, is a famous used car dealer(he even made appearances in TV shows), buying and selling mostly exotics such as Ferrari, Lambo, Zonda, SLR, Rolls Royce, etc. He is very active on SNS, always posting pictures of the cars he buy and sell, his house, basically showing off how rich he is. He has a huge following of teenagers who want to be like him, as he is perceived to be very rich and as the one who built his own success starting from zero.

About 10 days ago, he posted that he will be driving his 997.1 Turbo tuned to 900HP at a drag racing event in Korea.


The race was held at a automotive testing facility in Daegu City, South Korea. It was not a proper drag strip, but a temporary one set up on a straightaway on the test course.

During a race, one car left a long trail of oil so the safety crew covered the leakage with diatomite. 3 cars raced on that right lane after that without any incident. Then it was turn for the owner of the 997 Turbo to run. Since he was aware that the his lane was covered with diatomite powder, he requested to change his lane to left but was denied. He decided to do his run anyway, and lined up on the right lane.


Then the above crash happened. Right after the crash, thankfully he stepped out of the car without any major injury. But then he did not leave the track as he was supposed to, but started taking pictures and blaming the organizers for the crash. I heard from the people who attended the event that he was smoking on the track while he was going crazy at organizers, and his friends also stepped into the track to gang up on the organizers (which is completely against rules in any racing event). He was demanding they compensate him for the car because the condition of the surface was unsafe yet the organizers let him out on the track.


When the organizers denied any responsibility on the spot, he brought his Maybach(it looks like he trailered his 997.1 to the track and drove to the event in Maybach) and blocked the staging lane, preventing the race from restarting saying he needs to collect evidence from the scene of the accident before his car was removed from the track. He even got on the microphone to ask everyone at the event to be witnesses. It was already past 4 PM so the rest of the race had to be cancelled as the sun set while he was blocking the staging lanes.


He later posted on internet forums and facebook, asking for support to get the compensation for his damaged(maybe totaled) car, and it backfired hugely. He is taking heavy criticism for blocking the staging lanes and simply going crazy out there, preventing everyone else from racing after his accident. He is saying he will sue those who who are making fun of him on the internet for libel (I have to say.... what a douchebag move on his part). So far, the only backing he is getting from teenagers that idolize him and don't have a clue about driving and racing. Anyway, leaving the part about this guy being a complete asshole and a douche for blocking the staging lanes and threatening to sue everyone, and my thinking that he can't drive for shit from watching the video, do you guys think the organizers should be held liable for anything?

I think since he knew the dangers, singed the waivers, was aware of the road surface condition since he requested to switch to the left lane, he has nobody but himself to blame. But I would like to hear your opinion about this.

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