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'91 Celica GT MPG first week numbers have been crunched...

... and things are looking pretty good.

I just filled up again even though there was still a bit left in the tank from last Monday. (That's a first) LOL


11.117 gallons for $39.01 @ 92.7 cents per litre

248.3 miles on the trip odo

Works out to be 22.335 MPG or 15.7 cents per mile.

According to the site, the '91 Celica GT convertible is rated at 21 city, 23 mixed, and 28 highway.

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(No, it's not the manual, plz don't hate. LOL) So it looks like I'm doing a touch better than city. Considering my round trip is 30 miles, and I live on top of a mountain (700ish ft), drive down to sea level, pass through town, then go back up to about 400ft above sea level to get to school, it ain't exactly highway miles, so I'm content. I'd like to see if I could squeeze a little more out of it, but when I went to do the home-tune-up yesterday, everything looked like it had been recently done - relatively new plugs and wires, new air filter, and the oil fresh and amber/honey colored. So I did nothing but change the brake pads.

Compared to my '96 Jeep ZJ, which the internal MPG computer consistently long-term averages me at 15.5, I would have spent $16.65 more to drive the same mileage.

At that rate per week and barring repair costs (which can't count against the car, and the Jeep has had plenty), the car will have paid for itself in gas savings in 3 years. I think I can pull 3 years easy out of this little beater Celica, so good deal!

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