Porsche has done an incredible job of making sure their only competition is from themselves. When was the last time you heard about any Porsche benchmarking another brand’s models? For me though, the GT3 RS and Turbo S are the most difficult to choose between. They are so similar, yet so different it is astounding. One is a phenomenal road car that happens to be a track killer. The other proves cars can be weaponized and still be a great road car. I want to ask everyone, which do you prefer, GT3 RS or the Turbo S?

7-speed PDK only
4.0L NA-Horizontally Opposed 6 cyl
500 hp @ 8250 rpm
338 lb.-ft
12.9 : 1 compression ratio
193 mph
3.1 second 0-60
14/20 mpg

7-speed PDK only
3.8l TT-Horizontally Opposed 6 cyl
560 hp @ 6500-6750 rpm
516 lb.-ft/553 lb.-ft (overboost)
9.8 : 1 compression ratio
197 mph
2.9 seconds 0-60
17/24 mpg

Wild Card (because it’s worth pointing out) :


7-speed PDK only
4.8l TT-V8
570 hp @ 6000 rpm
553 lb.-ft/590 lb.-ft (overboost)
10.5 : 1 compression ratio
192 mph
3.6 seconds 0-60

One more question, what would you say to a Porsche 911 Turbo GT3 and Turbo GT3 RS? Something that would combine both models and extend Porsche into the Aventador SV niche of “bargain” hypercar.