911 Turbo S Maintenance

Let’s talk about maintaining a car you cannot drive.

A lovely machine.

I have had my boxster for a while and am very happy with it but in the past week I have a had a problem/opportunity with a 997 Turbo S. Without giving too many details a somewhat distant relative of mine passed away this week and left behind several houses and vehicles in various states of disrepair. The only one that concerns me is a 997 Turbo S. It is not properly plated and we have not found the keys yet; so we cannot really drive it yet. Currently it is sitting in the driveway.


I believe it is a 2008 to 2012 model but cannot be sure.(Update: found the VIN. It is a 2011.)

My boxster lurking in the background.

The estate is far from settled and I am concerned that it will develop problems if left to sit while we figure things out. I can assume it will need a new battery but once we find the keys I would like to prevent any new issues from developing. It will be awhile before we can get new plates and insurance. So, any suggestions on keeping it in good condition while not being able to actually drive it?


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