All the 996 appreciation:

So, I’ve got a 3.2 engine on the way. Actually it’s in town but I have a feeling liftgate deliveries are low priority and a pain for UPS freight so I’m not getting it until Monday. It was a little higher mileage than I wanted, but it already has an LN bearing swap, so its one less thing to do. The 3.2 engines also tended to have less d chunk failures from what I’ve heard. So all in all, I’m down 2/3 of the big failure points on the engine, fingers crossed.

So far in the process I have removed the engine and transmission. It was Really not that complicated, just lots of steps. Once out, I separated the engine and transmission. And then also removed the 911 wiring harness. My garage is a holy mess of parts but it’s about as organized as it can be.

There are a few things to sort out once it gets here:

1. Making sure the fuel lines match up to the fuel rails, the fittings and placement are slightly different so either some adapters or just a rubber hose on a barb to get everything playing nice. I could maybe swap over the rails but the Boxster line is a little simpler and one source said that the 911 rail needs slight modification to go on a Boxster engine but either way it is an option. I won’t know what’s best until I can see it.


2. Power steering hose issue. Ill see what I’m going to do once it’s here. Again, hard to know until I’ve got it here.

3. Muffler mounting. There are little blank spots on the 3.2 engine where if it had been a 3.4 engine they would have drilled a hole and given it threads. I’ve got a plan to avoid drilling the engine.


4. 911 AOS uses a coolant line, Boxster doesn’t. I just need to make sure that I don’t make the wrong coolant line go the wrong place as I’m eliminating that one. I don’t think I want to reuse the 911 AOS.

5. Oil dipstick. The Boxsters dipstick is arranged differently because it’s mid engined, and I can’t just swap mine over because my dipstick is firmly stuck probably inbetween a piston and some other mess of the crankcase. I’m going to cut off the top of the dipstick so I can at least use the 911 dipstick tube but make sure it’s the right length by comparing it to the stock Boxster dipstick tube but then use the Boxster dipstick. Make sense?


6. I ordered a Boxster flywheel, which I think should then work with the clutch and pressure plate I already have from the 911.

7. Flipping around the intake and vacuum connections to “face” to the other side. I think there will be a vacuum line or two that needs lengthening or shortening as you kind of “flip” all the fittings to face the other way.


8. I need to pull the Boxsters’ harness, and put the 911 harness on which I marked when removing. I’ll need to decide about using which throttle body/plenum.

9. Transfer over 911 oil pressure gauge, which reads pressure and has a low pressure warning, versus the Boxsters warning only mechanism


My wife and kiddo are out of town next week for 3 days, I’m trying to remind myself I don’t need to get it all done then, but... I really want to get it all done next week.

When this is all said and done, One thing I want to gain a better understanding of is electronics behind non-native engine swaps. I kept coming back to wanting to try an Audi 4.2 but I was too chicken. I want to at least try and learn up a little. Anyone know of a good website, or book, on pre can bus but modern EFI engine swaps and in particular, having a dash that works and a car that moves? It sounds to me like a person could have an Audi ECU in the car with the spark, fuel, flywheel sensor, (and) and then a Porsche ECU with the engine speed, coolant temp, etc connections and that you just have to have splice wires from some engine sensors.


And if you’re asking yourself, why not just give it a try; I’d need to cut a little bit of the transmission bellhousing for the Audi starter placement, and although 4-5 bolts line up for the bell housing I’d need to get creative with a drill for a couple more; and I just didn’t want to go down that road if it meant having to go back to a Boxster engine anyways.

And I get the sense that the electronics are a hurdle because the Boxster transmission and 4.2 engine bolt right up and this “80%” project still came up as a NPOCP candidate a while back: