I’m very close to dropping the kaboomed engine out of the 911. I need to detach a slave cylinder from the transmission and disconnect the front diff, and then I guess actually support the engine and drop it down. And then I think I’ll probably have to drop the front jack stands low, and the rear ones a little bit higher and hopefully have enough space to get it out.

I have not gotten much time to work on the project in general and funding for the replacement engine has been tougher to scrape together than planned. So motivation to pull out the kaboomed engine hasn’t been particularly high either.

I’ve got a few dollars saved up towards the engine, and should have a few more soon. It may take all the way until the summer to have enough to be in the range of debating between a 2.7 and 3.2.

And if you’re thinking, not the 2.7, I wrote a really long draft on the issue on my iPad about just how acceptable a car that gets to 60 in low 6s is. But also, something about just putting a 2.7 in and then homebrewing a turbo kit for it would feel pretty awesome. Just imagine this sitting behind the engine inbetween a couple of turbos:

It’d give me stock or higher power, it’d be just a touch heavier and it would be uniquely mine. Plus if the next engine ever went kaboom, then I’d have lower replacement costs because some people never learn...