So last December my father in law picked up a 77 924, for literally nothing. A friend of his had it sitting in a garage for s few years and knew my brother in law, and I like to tinker with cars, so he gave it to us/my FIL.

Well we let it sit in storage till it warmed up a bit and we’ve now we’ve messed with it a bit. Here’s what we know.

1 It had about 8 gallons of brown gas in the tank, which we drained.

2. The fuel pump, was bunked, but we replaced it

3. It is getting fuel to.. what looks like a mechanical fuel pump (like a distributor, with fuel lines, instead of spark plug leads.

4. it will fire if you shoot some starter fluid in the throttle body

5. The darn thing won’t chooch. it won’t run.

So we’ve got air, spark, and we should have fuel. So my question to you Opponauts is, What’s next?


This is much prettier than out 924, but I feel like people don’t click articles without pics.