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There’s a lotta potential left in this machine; compared to how it came to me, I’m very content with how it sits now.


1. Coolant leakage isn’t as bad as I initially thought. It’s only dripping for now. The car stays at middle tick and slightly below while driving. Louder fans come on when I shut the car off.  


2. Acceleration is kinda “meh”? I’m not really feeling much “GO” from the pedal. I’m thinking the linkage or cable needs adjusting. It’s decent enough to get where I need to go, but full throttle leaves much to be desired.  

3. Brakes are great! The suspension is in better condition than my 944 was. Stiff enough and not too harsh around town. Manual steering isn’t as hefty as one would expect.

4. Shifting is patient. Can’t speed shift or I’ll grind gears. Unfortunately, because of the somewhat laggy throttle response, this makes upshifts and rev-matching downshifts tricky.

5. Headlights only go halfway up and have to be manually lowered.

6. That oil leak at the top of the turbo came back. Me thinks a tricky rebuild will come sooner. These turbos only originally lasted about 50k, and I’m at 52k.

Illustration for article titled 924 Turbo Test Drive Two

So that’s how the car currently drives! I can’t wait to take it to Cars and Coffee Saturday! :)

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