So really it is just one update on my 928. Today after taking almost a year to change the intake gaskets and get her fixed, the 928 is running. Two days I tried to get her going, but there wasn’t enough fuel. Then yesterday the battery was dead and the jump box didn’t have enough juice and I ran out of time to fix those issues during my lunch break after getting food. So today I postponed food so I could have enough time to get the 928 started. I pulled the battery out of my Goat and placed it in the Porsche. After a while of priming the system and hearing a considerable difference in starting power, VROOM! Alive she is. I was so excited. But I was having trouble getting her to stay running. After finding a large vacuum leak (that I plugged with the threaded end of a spark plug) she ran fine.

*note there is some profanity in the videos

Here is her first start up

She moves, but may be leaking

Running rough and stalling. I think due to the idle.

I really hope this is just valvetrain noise.

I have consulted with my local Porsche specialist TFRITCH but I think he has been sick, so I am awaiting a prognosis.


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